The Old Lady

She sits and watches the world go by,

From the comfort of her chair.

The neighbors think she is a spy,

With wrinkled skin and greying hair.

She means no harm, she just stares,

At the people as they pass.

They all think that she cares,

If they step upon her grass.

She doesn’t care about those things,

Just watching people and the birds.

Sometimes she cries because it stings,

When people shout mean words.

One day a boy stopped to ask,

If there was anything he could do.

She asked him to perform a task,

Mow the lawn and rake it too.

The boy would visit all the time,

Sometimes just to talk.

Her lemonade spiked with lime,

For him, was worth the walk.

The boy was her only friend,

A fact that’s sad but true.

For her time is at an end,

And that made the boy so blue.

To this day. he does not know,

Why no one seemed to care.

Kindness, to her, they did not show,

And that was just not fair.

Every night the boy does pray,

That her happiness is great.

He hopes that now everyday,

She’s at peace beyond Heaven’s Gate.

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