Basketballs bounce on the ground,

Across the court, your feet do pound.

You throw the ball up in the air,

Your mind is free, without a care.

The ball arcs towards the net,

Faster than a fighter jet.

You raise your fist as it goes through,

The big crowd cheers, just for you.

Two more points add to the score,

Your team now only trails by four.

You turn to face your foe,

Defense is the way to go.

Where he’ll stop, you try to spot,

So, you can jump and block his shot.

The ball hits off your hand,

It deflects, you feel grand.

Two scores later the game is tied,

It is so exciting, quite a ride!

As time expires, the ball flies from your hand,

The crowd cheers as, through the net, it lands.

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