Star Wars: The New Apprentice

Every muscle ached. Sweat drenched my body. I thought only of showering and going back to the dorms to collapse on my bed. Then he appeared. Anakin Skywalker. I thought he’d tell me about my poor form in training. Boy, was I wrong.

“Hey, Kenji.” Anakin smiled and leaned in close. “I see how you look at me. Honestly, I can’t get you out of my head. I have never thought this way about a boy before. You want to hang out tonight?” He looked at me, blushing. He was as nervous as I was surprised.

“Did you ask me out on a date?” I could barely speak. My mind racing almost as fast as my heart.

“Yea. If you want to.” He looked around making sure we weren’t overheard. Anakin was biting his lower lip and staring at the floor, waiting for my response.

“Of course, I’ll go out with you, Anakin. Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.” I listened as he told me the details and I ran off to get ready. My feet barely touched the floor as I ran.

I slipped out a side door and stuck to the shadows as I made my way to our meeting place. I started to look for him, but then he appeared at my side. I jumped. “Anakin! I didn’t even hear you walk up!”

“Hey. No one saw you leave?” He looked nervous.

“No. I was cautious.” I told him.

“Come on. I know a great place down by the docks.” He led me into the city, towards the river.

We reached our destination in no time. It was small and clean, and everyone seemed very friendly. We sat at a table in the back and ordered our food. We talked. We laughed. We ate. It was the most fantastic dinner of my life. After dessert, we walked along the river with only the light of the full moon lighting our way. We’d been talking the entire night. He stopped walking, and he pulled me around to face him. “Kenji, I’ve had a great night. I like spending time with you, even more than I thought I would. Can we do this again?” He smiled at me, his emerald green eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

I reached up and touched his face. “Yea. We can do this again anytime you want.” My hand slid to the back of his neck, and I pulled his face down close to mine. His eyes closed, and I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back, tentatively at first but then with growing passion. His lips parted, and our tongues entwined. His hands slid down my body, and he grasped my hips, pulling me closer to him. He trailed kisses along my jawline and down to my neck. I moaned his name. “Ani, that feels so good.” His hands were now underneath my shirt, and then……

“Anakin Skywalker!” We heard the shout. Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was close, but he wasn’t in sight, yet. Anakin gave me one last kiss, and then we grudgingly parted.

Anakin looked panicked. “He can’t find us together. You must go. I’ll deal with Master Obi-Wan. I always manage to find a way out of trouble.” He grinned. “Go. Hurry. Get out of here. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“This was the best night of my life, Anakin.” I touched his hand then turned and ran off into the darkness.

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