Valentine’s Night

Valentine’s Day with the man I love.

Ten years now, blessed from above.

He is the other half of my soul,

Without him, I would not be whole.

He still blushes when I say,

His beauty takes my breath away.

Rose petals spread on the floor,

Lead straight to our bedroom door.

His hand against my cheek,

Makes my trembling knees go weak.

Trailing kisses down my neck,

His hands are on an adventurous trek.

Candlelight flickers all around,

Soft music providing romantic sound.

Our clothes swiftly fall to the floor,

His touch makes me beg for more.

His skill brings my body to the top,

His eager mouth doesn’t miss a drop.

Eyes rolled up inside my head,

I fall down upon the bed.

His body presses down on mine,

Moaning softly as we combine.

We fit together like a fiddle and bow,

The music we make is the best I know.

Our orgasms hit, but we’re not done,

There are hours to go on this night of fun.

They may call this night Valentine,

But every night I make him mine.

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