Your Warm Embrace

My heart aches to feel your embrace,

to see the light shine on your face.

I long to be held within your arms,

where I would feel safe from every harm.

Us strolling hand in hand on the beach

is a dream that feels way out of reach.

The miles between us cause so much pain,

every day my tears flow like rain.

I try my best to be strong, it’s true.

Thoughts of you make me happy and blue.

I feel your love from across the miles,

it gives me joy and so many smiles.

From you all it takes is just one word,

and I fly so high I could be a bird.

I hope my words to you can do the same,

but sometimes I just feel so lame.

I want you to know my love for you is strong,

wherever ever you are is where I belong.

Our love makes the distance erase,

My heart aches to feel your warm embrace.

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