The Hero

Evil spread, the land grew dark.

Good was absent, there was no spark.

Demons and monsters ruled it all.

Empires crumbled, kingdoms did fall.

A hero rose from out of the night.

Into the dark he brought the fight.

Sword and shield, he fought the horde.

Demons and monsters, their black blood poured.

The hero grew weary, but his strength never waned.

He kept on fighting, though his body was pained.

The people who saw him decided to fight.

Darkness began fading, the land growing bright.

Each town they encountered, their numbers grew fast.

The light’s power was growing, the dark’s time was past.

The hero and his army marched on through the night.

Evil was frightened, what had been dark was now light.

The army searched throughout all the caves.

Darkness was conquered, every troll, gnome and knave.

The lord of the darkness made his last stand.

The hero destroyed him and saved the land.

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