Snow Day

The snow falls softly to the ground,

A howling wind, the only sound.

A freezing chill bites through the air,

Every beast is hidden in their lair.

Me and you, warm by the fire,

Our eyes burning with desire.

Two hearts that now beat as one,

whether in the snow or in the sun.

Tomorrow we’ll go outside and play.

Snow can be fun in the light of day.

Snowmen, sledding, and other fun,

Wild snowball fights for everyone.

Good times the whole day long,

maybe even ending with a song.

Tired and happy, inside we will go,

to warm our hands with hot cocoa.

Daytime friends have now gone,

Once again, we are all alone.

By the fire, we find bliss,

With cuddles, hugs, and a gentle kiss.

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