Blue-eyed Boy

The Blue-eyed Boy

The boy’s blue eyes were cold as ice,

His demeanor was not nice.

His blonde hair perfect, none out of place,

Framing a tanned, handsome face.

Boys and girls both stared with awe,

Hoping his heart, they could thaw.

The boy himself was quite sad,

Why was he mad instead of glad?

The bad boy act was growing thin,

He longed to replace it with a grin.

He wished that they would talk and stay,

Not stare at him and walk away.

Then one day a boy he knew,

Stopped to talk, out of the blue.

They talked all day of many things,

Games and sports, Lord of the Rings.

The boy’s icy heart was melting fast,

His sadness now could not last.

A happy smile spreads on his face,

When he felt love’s first embrace.

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